Terms of Use

General Terms and Conditions of Apartamenty Carpe Diem, Ślepa 64B, 43-450 Ustroń, PL

1. Safety rules: Guests staying at Carpe Diem Apartments are asked to observe the general safety and cultural rules. Any comments or malfunctions can be reported on an ongoing basis in person or by telephone at +48 503 315 500 (PL) or +48 514 355 875 (EN).

2. Arrival and departure: Check in begins at 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the day of arrival. Check out must take place by 11 a.m. on the day of departure. If necessary, an early check-in or late check-out can be requested from the staff.

3. Booking and payment: The Apartamenty Carpe Diem apartments can be booked either directly via the homepage www.apartamentycarpediem.com or by calling the staff. A deposit of 20% of the total price is due within 4 working days using one of the recognized payment methods. If no deposit is made within 4 working days, the booking will be automatically canceled after the 4th working day. Upon arrival, the remaining 80% must be paid using one of the recognized payment methods. In addition, a local tax for the city of Ustroń of PLN 5.50 per person per day is charged. If you book via another booking portal, the booking and payment conditions valid there apply.

4. Cancellation: The booking can be canceled free of charge up to the 7th day before arrival. If canceled after the 7th day before arrival, the guest will be charged 100% of the accommodation costs. If necessary, it can be clarified whether the booking can be transferred once to another free rental period. The room tariff here is based on the current seasonal tariffs. The tariff applicable here can be found at wwww.apartamentycarpediem.com. If the stay is canceled prematurely, the total price of the booking is non-refundable. If you book via another booking portal, the cancellation conditions valid there apply.

5. Pets: Pets are welcome at Apartamenty Carpe Diem. A fee of PLN 30.00 per day applies for pets. The owner is responsible for his pet and for any damage caused by animals and ensures the cleanliness of the apartment.

6. Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartment.

7. External visits: Only accommodated persons are permitted to use the apartment. Outside guests are permitted on the premises. Access to Apartamenty Carpe Diem is possible for external guests until 10 p.m. and must be registered at reception.

8. Night quiet: The night quiet applies from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. During this period, other guests may not be disturbed.

9. Insurance: Guests must insure themselves during their stay at Apartamenty Carpe Diem.

10. Children's playground: There is a playground for children. Use is only permitted under the supervision of parents or a carer. Therefore, parents bear full responsibility for the safety and consequences of their children's actions. The Apartamenty Carpe Diem therefore asks you to fulfill your duty of supervision.

11. Sauna: The Apartamenty Carpe Diem offers a panoramic sauna outdoors. This can be used for a fee of PLN 60.00 per apartment per day. Bookings are made here via the staff at reception or via the online guest card. Apartamenty Carpe Diem assumes no liability here. Children are not allowed to use the sauna. The terms and conditions of use of the sauna apply, which are posted in the guest folder of the apartment or on the sauna.

12. E-bike rental: Apartamenty Carpe Diem offers two e-bikes for rental. These can be used for a fee of PLN 120.00 per e-bike per day. Apartamenty Carpe Diem assumes no liability for the use of e-bikes. Any damage to the bicycle must be paid for by the guest.

13. Liability for damages: Guests of Apartamenty Carpe Diem are fully liable for any damage caused to the apartment and its facilities. This means both the destruction/damage of the room furnishings and their loss. In the event of damage to the room due to the fault of the guest or his visitors, the guest is obliged to cover the costs of repairs. Parents are liable for damage caused by children.

14. Reporting damage: The guest must inform the staff of Apartamenty Carpe Diem of any damage to the apartment or its facilities immediately or at the latest upon departure.

15. Access to Apartamenty Carpe Diem: The guest is obliged to keep his room key carefully. If it is lost, the guest will be charged the cost of replacing two lock inserts including keys in the amount of PLN 200.00.

16. Guest property: Apartamenty Carpe Diem is not legally or materially liable for any damage or theft of the guest's vehicle or other property, as well as any valuables left in the rooms. The guest is obliged to secure his property accordingly. Apartamenty Carpe Diem assumes no liability for the use of the room safe.

17. Parties and events: The guest undertakes to use the apartment for residential purposes only - hosting events is prohibited in the apartments of Apartamenty Carpe Diem.

18. Transfer of the apartment to third parties: The guest cannot transfer or sublet the apartment to third parties, even if the rental period for which the guest paid for his stay has not yet completely expired.

19. Departure: Before leaving the apartment, guests are asked to dispose of the garbage appropriately in the recycling stations located outside of Apartamenty Carpe Diem. Separation is made here into colored/white glass, plastic/metal, paper, food waste and residual waste. Dirty dishes must be put in the dishwasher.

20. Termination of the stay by Apartamenty Carpe Diem: If the guest significantly violates the peace and/or property of the neighbors and fundamentally does not comply with the applicable norms of coexistence between people. In this case, Apartamenty Carpe Diem reserves the right to terminate the contract. In this case, the guest must leave. Apartmenty Carpe Diem is not obliged to refund the money for the unused period.